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These are some of the services that we offer.  We are always looking to add to our services.  We are in the process of adding video and virtual staging to the list.  We also have package prices.  Go to our booking page to check out those prices!

Matterport Virtual 3D Tours - Our company, Real Estate Shots by Michele, goes beyond pictures and video giving your perspective clients and immersive experience as if they were physically at your property.  Using virtual 3D technology they can now "walk" through your home and view all its unique features.  Your time is important and by the time a client comes out in person after viewing the property virtually in 3D know they are truly interested!

A Matterport Virtual Tour begins at $100.  For full price list click here.

Real Estate Photography - As we state on our homepage, A picture can make or break a listing.  When you commission us to do photographs for your listing, we guarantee that you will be presented with quality photos that accentuate your listings attributes. Investment for this service starts at $85.  Average length of time invested in photographs depends on square footage and floor plan.    We offer two types of photography styles - HDR and Flambient.  HDR is fine for all listings and is the more economical approach to your project.  The Flambient Style provides a crisper, sharper, cleaner look with deeper colors and true shadows of a space.  To see examples of these styles click here.  Go to our booking page for a full price list.

Twilight Photography - Few things can get grab a prospective buyer’s attention quite like a beautiful twilight photograph. The process of achieving this breathtaking look correctly is extensive, and can only be done five times in a week. When you order our twilight package you will get 2-3 unique twilight images.  Investment for this service begins at $150.


Drone Photography - We offer the opportunity to for you to showcase your property from above.  Drone photography could be an add on to another service for $35 or as a standalone service for $85.


Services Offered

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